Thursday, 15 December 2016

And Suddenly It's Christmas

Yes, we have been remiss on the blogging front and, honestly, so much has happened in my little family that it will take several posts to cover our evolutions.

Part of my role as head of our household is to balance elliot's need for discipline and submission against my own particular tastes. Which had been relatively easy because he long ago accepted the fact that just as there is only one sexuality which matters at our house, mine, there is also only one decision maker, me. As long as he remembers his position everything goes smoothly.

To remind him of his place I put him in chastity a year and a half ago. His little cock cage cost all of $20 and has been worth every penny. While I started out locking him up a couple of days or a week at a time, he soon grew used to being denied any sensation at all in his little cock and I decided that being locked up needed to be his normal state. Over the summer, while I thought about releasing him because the heat was uncomfortable, the level of control the cock cage afforded meant I decided to keep him locked up. I have a key and Mady has a key. We very rarely use them.

Quite honestly, I can't imagine a dominant wife not keeping her husband locked up pretty much all the time. For sexual pleasure a girl has vibes, her sweet little maid's tongue and, of course, elliot's remarkably proficient tongue. From time to time I like to have a few strokes from his always hard little cock and it is very easy to unlock him before I take my pleasure and then lock him back up. elliot knows he will be giving me strokes when he sees the bucket of ice water I have Mady put beside my bed. I enjoy the feeling of his little cock all hard and urgent in me but it has been months since I let him actually come in me. No, when I am getting close I have him climb down off the bed and put his hard little cock and his now nicely stretched balls with their stainless steel stretching rings into the ice water to shrink his erection while I am coming. Then it is back in his cage. It is terribly frustrating but it keeps his attention focused where it should be, on my pleasure and his obedience.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the ball stretching weights. Quite honestly I didn't care whether his testicles hung low or high. But I am now a complete convert. Ball stretchers, which you can get from Amazon believe it or not, come in various sizes. I started elliot out with a single, 4.5 ounce, 10mm x 30mm ring. Again, I thought I would have him wear it for a few days. But it turns out that I love the look and, perhaps most importantly, the stretcher works incredibly well with his cock cage. With the stretcher on there is simply no way the cage will come off without my key.

Of course, being more than a little mischievous, I decided that if he could accept 4.5 ounces, another ring of the same weight could not hurt and Mady tightened the hex screw on elliot's second ring at the beginning of August. As a little celebration, I let elliot, once the ring was in place, service Mady. (That's what she like to call it when elliot is allowed to penetrate her. Because of all the training - both shoulder riding and dog cart pulling, she tells me she like to think of elliot as a stallion put out to stud. When I pointed out that this would put her in the position of a "mare" being covered, she smiled and said, "Or a very naughty girl." Mady has a delightfully dirty mind.)

Then, a few weeks ago, I bought a new 20mm x 30mm 9.7 ounce ring. The wonderful thing about these ball stretching rings is that they stack perfectly. Having over a pound of weight on his balls is a bit uncomfortable for elliot just now. He will get used to it but, for the moment, I only have him wear all his rings for church and when we have guests. Between his cock cage and his rings he has quite a package under his nice wool trousers. And, in case you are wondering, his scrotum has indeed stretched.

Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce a man to chastity. A nice cock cage under the "adult" tree is a great way for a dominant wife to make sure her husband know just where he stands going into the New Year. And, with or without a chastity cage, a man who has a gentle but noticeable pressure on his balls will remember exactly who has her ring where it really counts. Quite honestly, I don't know why I didn't put elliot into chastity and stretch his balls long ago.

As I said to Mady, "Men really do prefer doing what they are told, being disciplined and never being allowed to initiate intimacy. It frees up their brain to do their jobs, make money and love the woman who owns them." Mady, of course, agrees. We didn't ask elliot.

If you are thinking of taking control of your marriage or asking your wife to put you in your place, you may want to read a few of our books or buy a cock cage or ball stretching weights:

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  1. Great to have you back! I'm so glad to know that your household is percolating along. And I appreciate the details, like the weights of elliot's ball stretchers. And the ice bucket . As you come, no less. Wow. Very impressive. Focus, indeed.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  2. So good to hear from you again. I yearn to have a relationship like yours with elliot. At your suggestion I have purchased the same chastity device and the ball stretcher ring. Unfortunately my wife is not particularly interested in the device and finds it somewhat intimidating. I would love to have her lock my up and weight my balls on a regular basis. Perhaps someday as our relationship continues to make gradual changes as I pursue further submission to my wife.
    By the way, it appears that your book is not free for Amazon Prime customers, only for Books Unlimited.
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all in your household, including that naughty maid.


  3. My wife does not even allow me to penetrate her anymore. She says it is too great a privledge for a slave. She will take off the shaft of our CB 6000 , play with "her" cock and then like you, apply ice to it to shrink it so she can put it back in its cage.

  4. Thank you for the lovely up date. You, elliot, and Mandy have been missed. Happy Holidays, Penney