Sunday, 25 January 2015

Amazon Fun

elliot just finished my review of some of the delightful things our readers have purchased from Amazon. These all caught my eye.

  • enema Cleanstream Enema Bulb, Red I think elliot would benefit from using this to make sure he is fresh and clean for any toys I might want to slip up his backdoor.

  • girdle Rago Women's Hi Waist Bike Shaper Adding to elliot's girdle wardrobe is always fun. He is quite used to wearing a girdle so having a few around the house is a treat for him and no trouble for me. Perfect.

  • cock cage, chastity device Silicone Male Chastity Device, Adult Penis Male Defend Chastity Belt Lock Cage (Pink) I can't imagine why I didn't cage elliot years ago. While he is chaste without the cage, the humiliation of having to wear this is ideal. I suspect even better in pink.

  • dominant wife stories Dominant Wives: Erotic Tales of Marital Femdom, Chastity, Cuckolding, Husband Humiliation & More! I have no objection to elliot reading naughty books. In fact it is rather fun to make him read an arousing story or two when he's had his Viagra and is in his cage.

  • dominant wife The Hesitant MistressI am hoping to finish my "An Elegant Woman's Guide to Female Led Marriages" in the next couple of months. Until then this book is great for a woman taking charge of her marriage or for a gentleman who wishes to submit to his wife.
  • Of course many of out readers just go into to Amazon through our links to buy things which are entirely unrelated to female led relationships, or gifts for their lovely dominant wives or any number of things...for which we are very grateful.

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