Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Good Whipping

I suspect at this point elliot would be a perfectly submissive husband without being whipped regularly. But where's the fun in that?

Oddly, I don't mean my fun. I quite like bringing the cane down on his bottom but I could also live without it except for punishment purposes. Caning my darling is not a huge turn on for me. But it certainly is for him and it is quite obviously good for him. Gets the endorphins flowing and keeps his mind on his business.

A dominant wife is blessed with a whole series of options when it comes to giving her husband the attention that all men actually crave. Where a vanilla wife is pretty much left with a flirty outfit for date night and the occasional "atta boy" blow job, the Lady of the House has a series of treats for her submissive husband.

A good whipping, well caning at our house because I like the feel of a cane and the marks it leaves, is a deeply sexualized experience. Think about it, there is a man obeying his wife and standing still to endure as much pain as she choses to inflict and yet, there in his little black cock cage, I could see him trying to get hard. Just as he did when I sent him to his corner.

A maintenance caning should remind your husband of his position; but there is nothing wrong with recognizing that that might be all the sexual tension he has that day or even that week. I don't "dress" to whip; but I certainly like to whip elliot when I am in my nightdress or lingerie. I suspect he likes it too. The point is never to dismiss your husband's sexuality. So long as his cock is under lock and key and he has been trained to obedience, teasing and flirting is all the more fun.

A good whipping is all about intensity rising. When I first used to correct elliot I held back a lot for fear of really hurting him. Now that I am more proficient with the cane I can control the intensity. But there is no point in just "tap, tapping" unless I want to deliberately tease him. Which I usually don't. Instead, I have been increasing the duration and intensity of our maintenance whippings. In time I would like to stretch them out to a full 30 strokes with the last ten quite severe. I think it leaves a much stronger impression for a man to be wearing his welts and weals for several days after he has been caned.

Of course, this leads to an increase in intensity for punishment canings but those are quite infrequent. They have to leave elliot gasping which is accomplished by starting hard and going right to full force in two or three strokes. He does not like being punished one he shouldn't.

But now we are in the post whipping glow and he is ever so attentive. His little cock is straining against its cage but I like that. Tonight, perhaps, I'll have him show his appreciation. He is really getting very skillful with his tongue, fingers and my sweet little vibe. (He's managed to get a lovely sequence where he first licks with the whole of his tongue to get me deliciously wet, then while he concentrates on my clit, he slips the vibrator in on a low speed and slips a little finger in my backdoor. While I prefer to finish myself in the privacy sending him to his corner affords, I must admit the last couple of times I have been tempted to just hold his head in place...Once I did, once I sent him away. Not sure which I will do tonight.)


  1. How often do you cane him? Sounds like it is very effective in keeping him under your control.


  2. elliot is a very lucky boy to have a sensuous, generous wife who lavishes him with such thoughtful attention. i am sure he is quite diligent in showing his appreciation after a lovely, vicious whipping

  3. wish my woman could do that to me