Tuesday, 23 October 2018


There is a wonderful idea floating around in the male chastity community: Lock-tober.

I like the idea, even though I keep elliot locked pretty much all year in his cock cage, because it gives couples and chaste men under supervision the opportunity to try extended chastity.

The idea itself is very simple: on October 1 the cock goes in its cage and there is no possibility that the cock cage will be unlocked before Halloween. For couples who have been experimenting with male chastity, Lock-tober is a chance to see the effects of longer-term cock confinement. They can be amazing. If you think your husband is attentive after a few days in his cage, trust me when I say he will be the very model of an obedient, pleasing, male at the end of a thirty-one day lockdown.

Now I realize I am writing about Lock-tober towards the end of October and many chaste gentlemen can see the end in sight in a mere eight days. But there is method to my madness. Even if you have missed Lock-tober, the fact is that any month can be a lockdown month.

The point of putting a cock in a cage for a month is to train the man to accept the fact that his keyholder, and only his keyholder, has the right to his cock. Men being remarkably obsessed with their cocks often quite like a short, up to a week, lock up. They often think that we are thinking about their little cocks and that is more than a little stimulating. But to be locked in a silicone cock cage or a cock cage in stainless steel for a month with no hope of release changes the dynamic in interesting ways.

A month without any hope of sexual release is a big gift for a man to give his wife or girlfriend. But it is also a huge gift for the dominant girl to get. Because, with a set period, she does not have to put up with any subtle, much less blatant, begging for release. It also means that, for the month, she will be entirely in charge of the couple's sexuality. Because just because a man's cock is in a cage there is no reason why he cannot keep his wife entirely satisfied with his tongue, fingers and whatever lovely vibrators she enjoys.

For men who are on their own but would like to experience the focus a month of enforced chastity brings, there are a couple of routes to go. The first is to put yourself under the supervision of a female friend. This might be a bit embarrassing, but simply asking a woman to hold a key for a month is good training. You don't have to tell her what it is for, unless, of course, she asks. Alternatively, you can advertise for a local keyholder. Girls who know will be delighted to hold your key for a month for a small fee. Of course, you can do it yourself but my strong suggestion is that, if you go this route, you put a physical barrier between the key and your desire. Freezing the key in a large can of water is a good solution. Or mailing it to yourself. At the same time, for safety, you need to have a key that is accessible. This can be in an envelope held by a friend. The variations are endless.

Here's the point: locking down a cock for a month is all about control. In a couple, her control. For a singleton, self-control.

As I have written before, in a perfect world, most men would be in cock cages most of the time and would be under the strict but loving guidance of a woman at all times. A girl can dream.

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