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Do you punish your husband in a Female Led Relationship?

Another question which often comes up:

Do you punish your husband in a Female Led Relationship?

A dominant wife has the right and the responsibility to correct her husband. Sometimes correction can be by way of a good scolding, but as the saying goes, "spare the rod, spoil the husband." Physical correction is almost always required. Whether that is an over the knee spanking, a good hair brushing, a paddling, a session with the long handled shower brush or six of the best with a well made cane, your submissive husband will be more content if he is physically corrected on a regular basis.

Leaving aside the question of "maintenance spankings" which I will deal with in a sperate entry, the fact is that a dominant wife's authority must be exercised on a regular basis so that her submissive husband learns his place. Of course, you can scold your husband, demand that he get rid of obnoxious habits, be more attentive, do what he is told; but that rarely actually changes behaviour. And actual behavioural change is the objective. In an FLR a dominant wife is in charge of every aspect of the couple's life. Now, most of the time, she will have little cause for complaint but her husband has to understand that if she does find grounds for complaint he is going to be punished. Critically, for real behavioral change to occur, he has to be certain he will be punished and he needs to know that the punishment will matter.

Needing the punishment to matter is one of the reasons I very rarely use my hand alone to punish elliot. I am simply not strong enough to leave much of an impression and while the humiliation of have to drop his trousers and lie across my lap is useful it needs to be backed up with a bit of intensity. For minor infractions I find a couple of dozen strokes with my wooden hairbrush provides the right level of correction without leaving any lasting marks or bruising.

However, it is difficult to really gain much leverage with a nine-inch hairbrush. No mechanical advantage.

I am of the school that says a real punishment should leave a mark...several actually, and for that my options are either the shower brush with its nineteen and a half inch handle and heavy wooden construction or a good, flexible, cane of which I have several. Both are formidable and I will describe their use in separate posts.

The shower brush is a "thudding" instrument and it will cause bruising with even moderate swats. I tend to limit myself to a dozen strikes at about half force. I have, on very rare occasions either increased the number of strikes or increased my pressure. elliot hates the shower bush. He would rather have 24 hard strokes of the cane than a dozen moderate stroke with the brush. Where the cane creates a sharp line of pain in a focused area, the shower brush stimulates a much larger area. elliot knows I am very, very angry with him on the rare occassions I tell him to get the shower brush and wait for me.

For regular punishments, where elliot has been rude, or less than attentive or has displeased me in some way, I think the princess among punishment instruments is the cane. Her great advantage is that, with practice, you can have very precise control over how much pain you inflict and how the marks will come. Better still, a caning is quite quiet. I have taken elliot upstairs when we have had guests, caned him throughly, and sent him back down with no one the wiser. The cane is also, if necessary, very quick. While professional dominas will stretch six strokes over five minutes, a practical, efficient wife and punish her husband with a dozen strokes in less than a minute.

Regardless of the mode of punishment, a dominant wife never punishes without having a point to make. Nor will she punish when she is angry. Submissive men need a firm hand and practical directions for improvement. The entire concept of punishment within a female led marriage is to make your husband a more obedient, better, man. Physical correction is a part of an over all plan. Ideally, a rather small part.


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  1. As the sub sissy husband I can only agree with the difference between Pro Dommes and my Beautiful Wife!
    When I went to professionals the entire scene catered to my needs and was basically at my direction....however with my wife it's very different.....
    Sometimes she caters to my little fetishes when it amuses her but 95% of our time is spent with my obedience to her it should be!
    Love your blog

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  3. Totally agree with Kaaren. I am a sub sissy husband as well. I accept punishment as the norm in our marriage. It teaches me obedience. As far a the best instrument to use my wife quote effective uses a Spencer Paddle. And for severe punishment I am restrained spread eagle and I get a lot more of the Spencer Paddle.