Monday, 18 March 2019

Dominant Wife Vacation

I got the most amusing letter a few days ago and, with the writer's permission, thought I would share it with you,

Dear Hannah,

I very much enjoy how you cover all aspects of the female led relationship world. I have been head of our household pretty much since the beginning of our marriage. Most of the time we keep everything low key. I agree with you that a man is much better off in a chastity device and I locked up Tim's rather large cock years ago. And I do agree that sparing the rod (in our case, paddle) spoils the husband.

I liked your idea of putting your husband in a playsuit to do his chores. Tim is lovely and slim so he actually looks quite pretty in a nice, loose fitting, off the shoulder playsuit.

However, most of the time, unless you really knew what you were looking for, you would not see us as very different from any other married couple. Which is just how I like it.

However, a couple of times a year, on our anniversary and on my birthday, I like to kick it all up several notches. So, apparently, does Tim. Or at least he has not complained.

I like to go away. Not terribly far. Usually to a larger city somewhere where we know no one. We used to stay in hotels but now we try to find a nice AirBnB. In fact, if you look around, there are actually "kink friendly" B&B's.

There are three elements to our "vacations".

First, Tim is forced to dress en femme from the time we arrive at our destination until we leave. In practice this means a firm high waisted girdle, a bra and breast forms and a pretty, quite short, wig. He's required to wear a little make-up, mascarra and lipstick during the day, eye shadow and a little contouring in the evenings. We are usually out and about and I let him wear ladies trousers and sweaters during the day. However, in the evening, he knows he needs to put on stockings and a skirt.

Now, the important thing about Tim dressing en femme is that I don't have to tell him. He knows that if we are on vacation he is wearing women's clothes and is expected to try to be as feminine as possible. He tells me he enjoys the break.

The second, important, element to our vacations is that I let Tim out of his cock cage. Day to day I don't want to have to think about what that little head is thinking. Instead, I want Tim striving to be allowed a little relief as it makes him ever so much more attentive to my needs. But on vacation, I like to fuck Tim regularly. In our house "fucking Tim" has two meanings. Usually it means sending him up to our room to lube his bottom so I can fuck him with my strap on. I have a nice "big, black, cock" when I just want him to be fucked, and I also have an insertable if I want to have fun too.

But on vacation, I also like to fuck Tim the old fashioned way. I had Tim get a Viagra prescription a few years ago and there is nothing more fun than making him lie on his back like a good little housewife while I fuck him good and hard. He's well trained and can go for a long time without coming. On vacation I like to fuck him like that a couple of times a day.

The final element of our vacation is that Tim is caned and paddled far more than he is at home. He has to pack my narrow paddle, my wide bamboo paddle and as a special treat, a rattan cane which I only use on vacation. Tim knows he'll have a sore bottom the entire time we're away.

The big difference between being on vacation and being at home is that Tim is paddled and caned because I enjoy reddening his bottom before fucking him. It has nothing to do with his behaviour and there is nothing he can do to reduce his whippings. I'll paddle him when he comes back from his shower and then have him lick me, or I will give him six of the best before lunch. If I am going to fuck him in the afternoon I will get him warmed up with a good, hard paddling so that when he is lying on his back being fucked he remembers his place.

Yes, I am afraid I do have a little sadistic streak and, happily, Tim loves taking his submissiveness to the next level.

I don't think we could live like that day to day. We are both busy people and this takes real concentration and connection. But for a few days every six months or so we are both delighted to take our female led marriage to the next level.


What fun! And lucky Tim. I suspect elliot would enjoy that sort of vacation. But I am a homebody so I suspect Mady and I will have to think of a "staycation" on similar lines.


  1. One good rule to add as well is when chores are being done diaper is on. Therefore more gets done less breaks

  2. I have been wondering how much or how many weights you currently have on elliots ball sack. Actually, rather than weight, I am interested in the length that you have progressed to. From personal experience, I have noticed that once the height becomes about 3 inches (about 7.5cm) the weight becomes too much even though over time the length (or height) can become greater. At that point, a non-metallic spacer can be put in place above the weight and below the penis. Movement and walking with this "swaying" is terribly erotic as well as a constant reminder. Would you like to move in this direction?

  3. Dear Lloyd, I have been away for a couple of weeks so this late reply. What a good idea! A non-metallic spacer would allow poor elliot's testicles to descend even further. I don't measure but, at the moment, I think he is about two inches. It is amazing what the male body can do over time.

  4. What a delightful idea for a vacation. A few years ago my wife and I did have a vacation to a more tropical area. She shaved my legs and bought me women's "flip flop" sandals to wear. I was very nervous that someone would notice, but so excited. She did tend to whip my ass more and harder during this delightful break.

    I was very interested to read about stretching of elliot's testicles. At your suggestion, I did buy a hinged weight about a year ago. I often put it on when doing my house chores. I have never had it on for longer than 36 hours. My wife usually takes it off me, even though I secretly wish for her to make me wear it for much longer.
    I am currently wearing it and have had it on about 42 hours this time.
    Do you still have elliot wear it basically full time?
    I am curious about the spacer mentioned by Lloyd.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  5. My wife locked me into chastity the day I proposed to her. She said from that day on she owned me. She has transformed me by slowly switching all my clothes to female clothes. She started with panties then started buying me womans stretch jeans to wear in public then she had me wear shorts with pantyhose or tights when it's cooler out. She then started making me wear leotards and tights and taking me to her aerobics class. She now has me wearing leggins most of the time. I do have some dresses and mini skirts but she usually only makes me wear those in public for punishment after I have been spanked. I also have several 2 piece bikini swim suits and several one piece swim suits that I wear to the beach and while away on vacation. At first I was embarrassed to wear these things in public but it doesn't bother me anymore and most people don't even seem to notice.