Monday, 7 January 2019

Zoey's First Night - My new book

As many readers know I have a long abiding interest in the various ways women use their feminine power. From this blog and the books elliot and I have written about Female Led Relationships (and yes my guide is coming) to high end escorting (Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman) and to what I think is an essential to an intelligent young woman's education, being a mistress to a wealthy, older man (Modern Mistress: Lead the Luxury Life You Deserve).

In the process of writing my books on escorting and the pleasures of being kept I have interviews many delightful young women and kept recordings or notes of those interviews. And in some cases, girls who have read one of those books have got in touch to tell their stories.

I just published and am making available to my blog readers free (but please leave a review) the first of what I hope will be several books based on interviews with successful mistresses. Zoey read Modern Mistress and in this book she describes her first night with Nick, her rather covetable, patron.

You can download the book at no cost for the next couple of days here.


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