Saturday, 3 August 2019

Escort Questions

My lovely, fun and stylish book answering questions various delightful escorts sent in when I was writing for an escort site, (which I would link but you never know where the FBI will turn up next), is supposed to be free on Kindle at the moment.

Here's the link: 

I say "supposed to be free" because, when I hit that link to check, it was not free....Grrr. Try it yourselves and let me know in the comments.

As my readers know, the world of escorts, courtesans and mistresses fascinates me. At this level, pretty young girls - as well as more mature women - take charge of their sexuality and use it to earn a great deal of money and to allow them freedom to do what they actually want to do.

Of course, I am not talking about those poor girls who are trafficked or turn to sex work for survival. That world is very sad.

For the escorts, courtesans and mistresses I have interviewed and written about, sex itself is a small part of the picture. Questions for Miss Jay is all about creating the mystique which surrounds girls who are able to use their erotic power for their own ends.

These girls are very much in charge and the men who pay for their time know that they are being given a gift of huge value. These are powerful, entertaining, erotic, sensual and playful women who understand that men need to be led to their pleasures.


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  1. not free,but ill buy Girdles instead.Thank you.Im enjoying all the updates on your blog..THANK YOU.