Friday, 1 January 2016

The Elegant Escort

Happy New Year!

For a limited time my book Questions for Miss Jay  is free at Amazon. It is a set of questions about escorting, mistresshood and the courtesan life. With this book and my much longer and more detailed book on escorting Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman, while I am writing for escorts I am also writing for women who like style, elegance and the pleasures of male attention.

However, I have received a few emails asking how a woman who has embraced her dominant nature can maintain an interest in the often exploitive world of sex for money. The answer is that throughout I take the view that a smart, elegant, young woman is never exploited; rather the equation should run the other way. Gentlemen compliment women and the most sincere compliment is cash.

As I gain more experience in the world I am increasingly convinced that most young women would be far better off if they spent a few years in their twenties as a wealthy man's mistress or - to take an example closer to home - an older couple's maid. Many women are genuinely bewildered by the sexual choices they confront at 19 or 20. Unfortunately, many young women make bad choices at that age. By becoming a mistress or an eyes wide open escort, a girl can build a solid nest egg, have time to educate herself and be ready for a more serious relationship in her mid to late twenties when she has matured.

For an elegant woman or a girl who is learning to be elegant, being kept or having gentlemen pay for one's favours, can be a marvelous rather than sordid experience. And, done well, it is often a woman's first inkling of the joys of domination and control. She sets her terms, she decides who to see, she can be capricious or strict or whatever suits her adopted persona. Rather than dealing with boys her own age who usually know less than she does, a girl in business is usually seeing men a decade or two older. How she manages them, how she dresses, makes up, decorates her apartment, chooses her dates are all within her control.

I see escorting or being a mistress as an essentially empowering decision for a young girl or older woman to make. So long as it is her decision and hers alone, an elegant woman can escort or be kept easily and comfortably for a few months or a few years and be all the better for the experience.

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