Saturday, 7 November 2015

Avails....At Last

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My very naughty husband is something of a perfectionist. So editing and laying out and finding illustrations for my book Avails: Escorting for the Elegant Woman  has taken far too long. Who knew it would run to 347 pages. But it did. And now it is finally out for Kindle.

Here is an excerpt from my Preface:

There is a lot to say about glamour, sex, clothes, advertising, marketing, safety and all the styles of escorting, types of clients and innovative dates. Here’s a hint, put Avails on your phone and read pieces when you have a moment.
This is not a book for service providers. I don’t know much about that business. What I do know is how an elegant woman or a delightful ingĂ©nue can become a successful escort with a minimum of fuss and almost no bother.
“Money is the tribute age pays to beauty.” A quote which I found years ago in a book I’ve long since lost. I don’t for a second think escorting is for everyone; but I do think that a woman should always understand that it is not just something “bad girls” do. Nor is escorting reserved for the very beautiful, the ultra-slim or the sexually voracious. Escorts come in all shapes and sizes and while most girls start in their early twenties, there are plenty of escorts in their forties and on up.

Here is a tiny part of the Table of Contents:

I had a wonderful time writing Avails. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

You can order it online for your Kindle, any Smartphone or Tablet or your computer right here:

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