Friday, 29 August 2014

Nearly Done Escorting Book

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The Elegant Escort
We're nearly finished putting together my book on escorting for elegant women. It's interesting, while the book is directed to girls who either are or might want to become escorts, it is also something of a guide to style for any girl who wants to lead an elegant, adventurous life.

Especially for a young, intelligent, well educated woman, being an elegant escort or courtesan or, best of all, mistress can be a wonderful way to spend those rather choppy years after college. Avails is not directed to the service provider end of the market, rather it is a guide to escorting for girls who would like to build a clientele of older, well off gentlemen who will be ever so grateful to have a girl they can trust with their peccadilloes. A pleasing cash income combined with nice things, perhaps a paid for loft, interesting evenings and, well, yes, more than a little sex.

The Internet has made all the difference for the escorting world. Easy advertising, good screening and the ability for an escort or courtesan to find exactly the clients she is looking for.

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